I Love Technology!

Technology is a beautiful thing, well if used correctly. Please don’t take advice from these celebrities who have been getting caught using technology and social media sites to advertise their umm….weiners!

When I got fired from my job over 2 years ago I took it as a sign that I needed to pursue my writing career. My goal was to go the traditional route of publishing because I want my own publishing company. I thought if I get a deal then I could learn the logistics of the business. I’ve always digested books on self-publishing and running a business; I’m not an expert but I’ve learned quite a lot.

After about six months I decided to pursue it on my own. No it wasn’t because I had a gazillion rejection letters I just saw opportunities for writers to get recognized and published on their own.

A couple of days ago I came across a different avenue I could use to get my ebook published. My first ebook I published called ‘White Lies’ was done thru Lulu.com. This time I will try Kindle Digital Publishing. Like many of the e-publishers out there this one is free to set up an account and upload your work. What made me wanna switch is Kindle can reach a bigger demographic and more reading devices. Which, duh, for me is genius. I have the potential to make more money and gain better exposure.

I like putting info like this out so other writers can have more options for themselves. As writers we have to stick together and look out for each other. Before I go let me give you a few quick tips on what to look for when deciding which e-pub you wanna use:

1)  Is it easy to upload your work?

2)  What devices can your ebook be viewed on once it’s published?

3)  Reviews. Check out who has published with this e-publisher. Have they come back to publish more work?

4)  The terms of services. Read every guidelines and rules before signing on. Understand them. Know the percentage of what they will take out of the sell of your book.

Those should get you started off right. Are you an expert in self-publishing? Any ideas would be openly accepted here. Can’t wait to chop it up with you!

Peace and luv!


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