To Be Free or Not To Be Free?

How long should a beginning writer give out free ebooks? Is there really a time line? If not should there be? I’ve surfed the web and the common thread on a lot of the writing based websites are to give out free ebooks. Makes sense because you will want to establish a platform for when you start selling your work. However when do you shift gears and start selling your work? You can’t spend the rest of your writing career giving away free books, unless you got it like that.

This is one of those questions that doesn’t have a correct answer; it’s really up to the writer. Who would I be if I don’t put my two cents into this?

Looking at what other writers are doing I’m noticing that they do both. Some will include a free ebook when a customer buys a book. Everyone loves free stuff. Some also run contests for readers to win a free copy of the book before it hits the stores or websites. Authors even epublish the first chapter/s of the novel. Teasers are a sure fire hit to win over readers.

Pricing your literary work doesn’t mean you can’t still create and upload free works. Look at it as gaining more fans that will buy your future works. And will keep your already loyal readers satisfied and happy. Sure having a website, a blog, and an account with every social networking site will help you market your product but at the end of the day what your readers think of your work is what’s important. Word of mouth never fails just make sure the words coming out are positive. Just sayin’

Peace and luv!


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