Should There Be A Limit to The Bestsellers List?

Yesterday on there was an article called ‘Should We Set A Bestseller List Limit?’ Book columnist Michael Dirda suggested that ‘a writer should only be on the best-sellers list one time’ because the list really only caters to established writers.

I do agree that all of the bestseller lists are becoming redundant with the same writers at the top (or celebrity wanna-be writers). It would take a miracle for an up and coming writer like myself to breakthrough to the top of a bestseller list. I don’t think putting number restrictions on an established writer is the solution.

Putting myself in an established Writer’s shoes I would be pissed off if I’ve worked my ass off to get on a bestseller list. I should be recognized for all of my good works. Giving me a 1 per year pass will minimize my talent and make me feel discouraged. I may not write as much. If I had to bust my ass then the newbies do too. True it’s not all about being on a list but it sure feels good to have a consistent amount of time on that list.

Flipping it now to a newbie perspective allowing this would give me a better chance at being recognized and getting fans. Now I will be in the mix with some literary greats! Nothing would look better on my resume than a spot on the bestseller list.

There is one question I have tho, how will they decide which newbie will hit the top spot? Don’t they decide by the amount of sells? A newbie coming out obviously won’t have the numbers as a established writer would have so how would they calculate?

My solution is an easy one. Create a list specifically for new authors (i’m positive they already have one). Market it and treat it just as they treat the bestseller lists that cater to the seasoned writers. A lot of people will be exposed to new writers if done this way. And the writers would be exposed to more money. See that wasn’t hard was it? I should run for President!

Do you like my idea? Or should they scrap it? Comment below!

Peace and luv!


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