Dance With My Daughter

A bond between a father and a daughter is priceless, irreplaceable. Think about it a father is the first man in her life. Unfortunately so many daughters of this generation have and will never experience that bond.

I wanted to write this short story because all fathers, especially black fathers, are getting brutal wraps for their lack of participation in parenting a child. Not all men are absent from their child’s life. The main character from Dance With My Daughter, Eric is one of the good fathers.

Eric understood his role in his eighteen year old daughter. However one argument shifted the family dynamic leaving Samaya in a drug induced coma. To make matters worse her mother, Eric’s wife of twenty years decides to have a midlife crisis and leave before Samaya wakes up from the coma! How can he look her in the eyes and tell his baby that her mama has left them when she is already torn up about causing the accident?

Dance With My Daughter is written thru the eyes of Eric. Can’t wait for you to read it!

Peace and luv!


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