Rape Is Not A Game

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Now I’m not the smartest person in the world but I do know that this right here is one of the…hmmm what’s the word I wanna use cause this is a serious issue….ah, forget it – stupidest things I have heard in a minute!

Activist and writer Mac McClelland was on assignment after the horrific earthquake in Haiti over a year ago and witnessed the rape of Sybille. She helped assist Sybille to the hospital; when they arrived the woman saw her rapists and spazed out to the point where something snapped in Ms. McClelland. Returning back home she goes into a deep post traumatic stress episode. This is where the shit gets crazy! Never would I partake in this to cure depression, just give me a happy pill!

To cure herself McClelland with the help of her boyfriend recreated what the woman experienced in Haiti. She allowed her man to violently rape her! Mind you she was allowed to say ‘stop’ if she needed to.

Stop right there….

Really? Did Sybille have that option?! And now she is apparently cured of her lil’ depression! I’m offended on so many levels and I’ve never experienced rape. Was Sybille suppose to feel relief? Happy? What? I don’t get it. Being violated like that is not to be used as an experiment. That rape will forever be etched in Sybille’s mind. For McClelland it will be etched in her head because she WITNESSED it not EXPERIENCED it. No matter how many times she reenact the rape it still is what it is – a re-enactment! I don’t give a damn if she is a little traumatized by what she saw. McClelland was able to say stop, Sybille could not. Somethings should not be done in order to get a big story or ‘reality’ show this would fit under that category, real ish! Art should not have imitated life in this one. This annoyance reminds me of when talk show hosts from the past would put on ‘fat’ suits or stay a night on the mean streets of the hood just so they can ‘relate’ to them. They can take that suit off and walk off the street and into a five-star hotel any time they want to!

Ms. McClelland shoudl be smacked for this! I feel sorry that she witnessed the atrocity but that’s where my sympathy ends! As you can tell I’m a lil heated about this. Are you? If so why? If not, I wanna know why too.

Peace and luv!


2 thoughts on “Rape Is Not A Game

  1. Jessica Ann says:

    This is insane. I don’t understand how this could make someone feel better. Rape is not a game and should never be treated as such. I really don’t know what to say but his is truly disturbing.

    • I agree it is disturbing and I don’t understand how people are commending her for what she did. It’s sad and almost unexplainable. I think it’s a slap in the face for actual rape victims.

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