University of Connecticut Renigs?

This is definitely Dougie Houser 2.0 however this story does not have a happy ending like the show had.

13 year old Autum Ashante two weeks ago was accepted into the University of Connecticut. That would make any parent proud and brag extensively to all of the family and anyone who would listen! Can you imagine your freshly new teenager getting accepted into a prestigious college? And she is a beautiful black young woman! The fam has already started to pack for the relocation.

Now imagine the devastation the Ashante family went thru when they got a phone call from the same school who accepted their baby girl telling them that their 13 year old will not be able to attend the university after all because she is just not ‘academically’ ready.

Hold up….something smells fishy (and I mean catfish, tilapia, salmon kind of fishy)! If they felt Autum was not ‘academically’ ready why accept her in the first place? Obviously she had passed all of their qualifications to get accepted so what happened? Was there a mishap that no one caught before? Was some of the faculty running their old hag mouths? And whoever did mess something up, if that was the case, I guarantee they are packing their ish right now in a brown box and being escorted out of the school, lol.

I do hope the best for this girl she is our future. Pass this story along to all of your friends. Maybe if enuf people voice their opinion the university will get it together.

Peace and luv!


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