Has Technology Made Writers Lazy?

I’m all for technology. As a matter of fact I can’t imagine how people lived before electricity, phones, hell computers! Look at all the things we can accomplish when using technology. But all these avenues makes me wonder has technology made writers lazy? There’s texting and Twitter forcing us to condense our words. Call me ol’ skool but I hv 2 prfrd my ish b4 I hit send…oops, see what I mean? Another thing that might make a new skool writer slip in their writing skills is all of the grammar checks that come with software. Even with the good intentions the programmers had when they put together, I bet they were not expecting them to backfire.

It’s great that writers have ways to catch bad grammer and misspelled words but sometimes they are dependent on too much to where the writer doesn’t notice some common errors. Sometimes the program will mistake one word for another. When creating a document take auto-correct off and always watch out for the spell and grammar checkers.

Technology like I said is great but good old fashion eyeballs and common sense to make sure your writing is up to par. Don’t depend solely on all of the technology being created. Do you feel that technology has made writers lazy? Tell me why or why not. I love peoples’ opinions.

Peace and luv!


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