See, We Can Work Together!

Yesterday journalist for the New York Times Tanzina Vega published an article on their site called “Black News in New Focus”. Apparently NBC news and Interactive One are converging with each other improving their editorial and sales department.

Tom Newman, the president of Interactive One states, “…for the first time you have a news-gathering and producing organization solely dedicated to African Americans at scale and that really has not happened for decades.” What prompted this alliance is the fact that more African Americans are interested in political issues and creating more niche inspired websites for their communities. Both sites involved has seen a significant increase in their audiences.

In case you’re not up on what TheGrio and Interactive One are about let me give you a brief bio on them. News based site TheGrio could be put in the same category as all of the news based tv shows and websites. They offer first class headlines however the articles are geared to pique the interest of African Americans. It makes us aware of issues inside and outside of our block. Sometimes we only see what’s on our block, the lack of money in the house, the lack of food, clothes, jobs, raising kids by oneself, etc. We need to realize that a big portion of the reason our communities are in the shape they are in is because of what’s going on around the country. And not all blacks live in the hood nor care about nothing but money, cars, drugs, and clothes. We are concerned about debt, the education systems, retirement, health insurance, etc. gives us that info. was launched in 08. It is officially a minority owned business, with websites such as, The and Digital Radio One. Their mission is to get the black community to change their mentalities and get out of that GHETTO University state of mind. They want to uplift blacks. This site is a great way to get resources and networking.

If you haven’t bookmarked these sites I suggest you go there now and support this positive movement. I definitely know this was a great decision for both organizations.

Peace and luv!
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One thought on “See, We Can Work Together!

  1. ….I dont know what planet your from but its the africans from africa who think their better. ….yup am an african living and working in the uk.Am currently doing my medical residency just out from medical school the funny thing is that most african americans i have come across still think all africans stink are uneducated and always on the look out to steal their dollars.Just imagine i was chatting with an african american lady on the net and when she knew that i was an african it was like oh africans stink they are beggers blah blah.But are feel we are blacks and we should love ourselves.its an irony that its the white americans who are more nicer and civil with foreigners…………

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