Work In Progress

This past weekend I got another story idea and I’m geeked beyond words about it. I got the idea while watching the Dugard interview with Diane Sawyer. She was reflecting on how ‘crazy’ her kidnapper was and how he heard voices in his head. I thought then about a story of a young girl named Legacy that gets kidnapped by a man who has multiple personalities but didn’t know he had them.

That’s all I’m giving you. You’re gonna have to wait for the story to come out and read it in its entirety then. I’ll keep you posted tho I luv y’all too much not to.

Peace and luv!
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One thought on “Work In Progress

  1. hemp says:

    When you know the shape of your story from beginning to end then you are ready to write it…..3. Its often easier to think of a title once youve written your story…..4. When you have finished your story take a deep breath and then read it through a couple of times.

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