Not Again Essence Mag!

Last year Essence magazine caused an uproar in the black community when they hired a fashion director by the name of Ellianna Placas. Now you’re probably wondering what’s the big deal right? Well the problem is Ms Placas is a white woman (yeah that right there that you just did, I did that same facial expression gasp and all). Last time I checked Essence is a black based magazine. I know there are a hell of a lot of talented black fashion editors out there. Now before the scab from that incident healed all the way Essence has gone and done it again!

I’m starting to think they either 1) trying to test trial a new marketing scheme (which is stupid as hell. White people are not the answer to everything) or 2) trying to slowly let a white conglomerate take over the magazine and what it represents. Michael Bullderdick (what a name!) Is now the managing editor at the magazine. Before I finish telling you how I feel about this let me tell you what one writer, Christelyn Karazin, said, “Essence has become completely irrelevant to a new segment of black women who actually feel like their smarts, looks and loyalty should be appreciated be ALL men of all races not just by the yearly dogbone 10 Black Men Who Want You piece geared to stroke the egos of men whose heads are bigger than a Dodger’s bobblehead and frankly don’t need it anymore.”

So are you trying to say this new white editor will wave his magic white wand and turn the magazine into a publication that will make the magazine pure and ominous? Because that is the message i’m getting. In the paragraph after she goes to saying Essence is teaching black women to expect less, don’t get married or raise kids with black men cause they don’t want to nor should we talk about how educated we are cause it makes them feel inferior. I need her to elaborate a little deeper on her response.

Now why I don’t agree with Essence? Essence is based on the black community, what we can do to better ourselves, resources, etc. No one can give us the black experience like a black person. Sure their little vanilla fasionista may be an expert in fashion styles but this new managing editor, what is he going to bring to a black focused magazine and audience? He can’t relate to us.

And yes black women are expanding their dating options to other races but that doesn’t mean Essence that you have to bleach your staff. I don’t think that it’s right and I don’t feel as if they took their fans feelings into consideration. Black people have been hit the hardest with the recession so why not hire a qualified black editor? I know I may sound like some selfish lil spoiled brat but I think the reason a lot of blacks (not all) do not succeed in owning more businesses is because we give up too soon before ish pop off and we don’t keep it in the family like our grandmas used to say to us.

We are intelligent ass people, we are capable of creating brands and businesses on our own. But quickly giving our power will not get us to break those glass ceilings. I’ll give them six months and Essence will look just like Cosmopolitan magazine. You see what happened to 106&Park!

Peace and luv!
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