That ‘It’ Factor For TV Shows

I was watching tv a few weeks ago and a question took up residence in my head. Why do white shows have more success than black television shows? Is there a certain formula or ‘it’ factor to being successful?

Look at ‘Modern Family’ I love this show by the way (don’t tell anyone because I have a reputation to uphold ). The creator is a genius. They have incorporated the ‘reality show’ feel to it. But it’s the characters that make the show a success. You have a father who marries and sexy vixan half his age. Then there’s his adult children who has their own family to raise. The daughter is married with three misfit kids, then the son is gay and living with his partner and thei adopted Asian baby girl. With each show there is a simple plot. That plot line causes me and everyone else in America watching to almost end up in stitches from laughing so hard.

Now let’s look at Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Although this is a funny show as well it doesn’t seem to be loved as Modern Family. Does the lack of love have to do with race? Could other races relate to the plot. Was that the intention of Tyler to have it be commercially well known or just specifically geared toward us?

We haven’t seen a black successful show really since The Cosby Show even though a lot of blacks have proclaimed that the show wasn’t realistic and unrelateable. I don’t care what anybody say even the hardest nigga was watching that show! The Fresh Prince of Bel Air came close to that same notoriety. But they got the same criticisms as The Cosby Show. I don’t understand people’s logic. Not all blacks live in the hood, speak unintelligently and/or parent gazillion amount of kids. So why should we be depicted that way on tv?

Can black shows get the same notoriety as the white shows without selling out? This may not be important to some and that’s fine however to me I want to be able to produce a popular show just like a Modern Family, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc.

What do you think of black show vs white shows? Should we go back to the drawing board and open our minds to reaching white audiences or stick to what we’re doing? Are there factors we’re missing? Would luv to hear your opinion!

Peace and luv!
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