Big Shoes To Fill

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Ok so I’m disappointed in Essence because they are putting white people in charge. Not racist just want to point out that Essence magazine is supposed to be a black based, black owned magazine and now they are not – at all. I’m serious, Time Inc has bought them all out and because they have taken over the whole brand it was only a matter of time before they slide their own people in to replace the blacks. It’s disheartening when I see shit like what Essence is resorting to. It’s 2011 and I believe black should be either on the same level when owning businesses if not higher.

I mean we’re always yelling out ‘the man is holding me down!’ However when the businesses we’ve worked hard to build becomes more of a burden rather than a blessing we run to a white person with money to take over and we do it prematurely too. I believe Essence has lost its mission which was to uplift black women so they can have better lives. Now I don’t know what they are on (in my Drizzy voice).

I had a mind altering revelation the other day. I am going to re-invent my monthly online magazine Diamond XL and do what Essence originally wanted to accomplish. Which makes hella sense because ever since I turned 30 I’ve been thinking a lot about my sistahs which is odd because I do not have a good track record when it comes to befriending females. But I see the paths us sistahs take and it’s unbelievable because we do a lot of damage to ourselves sometimes subconsciously. I want us to get back on track.

So the next coming weeks I will be studying mags, looking at blogs and trying to pull as many connects as I can. Any ideas? Is this too big of a shoe to attempt to fill?

Peace and luv!

*sideeye I am not trying to replace the Essence brand; I think they’ve created a monstrous legacy. i just feel we need to our (black women) shit together and I think I am the woman to do that with Diamond XL.


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