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I am an avid reader. I love what I love and consider my taste in books eclectic. But what about being a writer and knowing what to write? I read  that writers should look and see what is doing successfully on the bestsellers list before deciding what to write. I have a bone to pick with that suggestion.

A writer is an artist. It takes a creative mind to create bomb ass literature. To put that extra pressure on a writer to create a pience that people you have never met will be satisfied is beyond ridiculous. You would drive yourself crazy and never have anything put out or if you do it will be garbage. You have to have your mind and hunger in tact if you want to be successful in the writing game.

I was working on a project that was taking longer than I had expected and I wasn’t feeling it. I need to zone out when I’m creating otherwise the story is not going to be poppin’. And I think every writer should have that mentality when approaching their work.

A lot of potentially great writers have been over-looked because they focus so much energy on what readers may want to read. Newsflash, if you produce something that you put your heart in I quagrentee yyou that it will be more successful thant a prodcut you pulled out your ass. No passion from the writer will resonate through your characters whether you know it or not. A great storyline can be ruined if you’re not into it.

My point is write what you would enjoy reading, there’s always a fan base that will read it.

peace and luv!


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