The Help? I’m Not Feeling It.

Cover of "The Help"

Cover of The Help

I am very interested in what everyone’s opinion about the book turned movie The Help is. Will you go see it? Has anyone read it?

I will have to count myself out on this one. I just don’t understand the need to read the book or see the movie. I don’t know if it’s the title name, the trailer or what but I’m feeling some type of way about the whole concept. I thought I was over reacting but I watched an interview where one of the black woman from the movie admitted that she came into reading the story with an attitude but once she read it realized it was well written and was convinced to play the part. I am happy that she was honest but I’m still not convinced enough to read the book at least.

It’s something about that era (slavery, racism, poor black women getting paid little to nothing to take care of lil’ white children, etc) that strikes a nerve with me. I’m only 32 and I’ve never met an actual black person particularly who have experienced being the help but I still get emotional about what my people went through.

On top of that I strongly feel that a white person could not comprehend the emotions that many black ‘help’ have had to deal with during that time – fiction or not. I’m not angry at the author hell I haven’t had a conversation with the woman. I just have an opinion, that’s all. Now what’s your opinion on it? Am I being too sensitive?

Peace and luv!


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