D.O.B. (Death of Bookstores)

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Technology evolves on the regular. Cars can drive themselves, refrigerators tells consumers when items need to be replaced, writers can publish their own work without waiting for traditional publishers to find them and large quantities of books can be downloaded into smart devices to be read on the go. With all of these devices:

…will bookstores cease to exist?

If someone would have asked me that five years ago I would have laughed at them but now I’m not so sure. I was heartbroken when my favorite bookstore, Borders, closed in my city back in May. Now all we really have it Barnes & Noble and I’m not quite there yet with buying books on Amazon.com. But if I wanted to download and read a book I have a device that enables me to do that. However not everybody has that luxury.

Whose at a disadvantage if libraries and bookstores close?

The hood – nuf said.

No I’m not gone leave you like that. But seriously go to the hood real quick. Do you see everybody with iPads, iPhones, etc, etc? Not really. And if you do their lights, water or/and gas is off in their crib.

My point?

Kids in the hood obviously do not have the resources that say the kids that live in gated communities have. During the summer months the majority of what was learned the previous school year is lost making the students and the teachers spend the first few months of the new school year trying to play catch up. Did you also know that if the basics (reading, math, etc) is not mastered by the time the child is in fourth grade it will be 2 times harder for them to catch up and learn new skills for the rest of their school years.

Libraries gives kids in the hood access to technology and books that they may not have at home. They can learn how to read, use computers, do research, get free lunches (for the summer), to doing a multitude of activities on a weekly basis. Elimininating libraries and bookstores takes that away from these kids. I just don’t see the purpose of doing it. I understand from the business logistical side keeping a bookstore open may not be affordable anymore because of huge conglomerates like Amazon but I just feel that businesses are not trying hard enough and are giving up prematurely.

My solution?

I don’t have the magic solution; that’s why I’m doing this post and you’re reading it so you can give me some ideas. I hate seeing black kids in my neighborhood just hanging around on the streets with nothing to do but wear half clothes and doing drugs. Parents need to get involve because these are their kids at the end of the day however I will need them to get some priorities in check and get their minds to reach further than their block to help these kids. It’s already bad enough for these kids living in the conditions they are in but really? Stand up before everything is taken away.

I know somebody have an opinion on this. This is affecting our communities and futures. How do you feel about all of these bookstores closing and resorting to just doing business online? Should we care? What should we do about it if we do? Luv to hear you; lets start a convo.

Peace and luv!


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