Chapter 1 (very uncut and unedited version)

A Social Grace

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Hello world! This is a snippet of my new novel coming out soon. I’m still debating on the name but here’s the first chapter – enjoy! (Please overlook the mistakes that may be in here, this is the very unedited version)


“She doesn’t give a fuck about you! Why in the hell are you here?! She thinks you’re not intelligent enough to function on your own. All she cares about is that money you give her each week. As a matter of fact you’re losing money; you could be at work! Why don’t you tell her to fuck off and suck a dick, preferably yours? God knows you haven’t had that sucked in awhile. What are you scared of? A woman? Are you gay? Do you prefer a dick in your tight ass you worthless sack of shit! I think you do! That’s why you’re here cause you want a hot blooded man or maybe a little boy to play with. Would that make you happy? Are you hard now?!

Look at her! Look at her damnit! I bet you she’s a freak. Imagine her hot mouth wrapped around your dick. Her strawberry lip gloss smearing on your dick. With big juicy lips like that I bet you she can suck a mean one. She’s saucy Latina hot! Her husband doesn’t know what to do with that tight pussy. Look at him, sitting all proper in that picture. I bet you he’s gay too! I don’t see why she isn’t attracted to you.

No I do know, you’re an ignorant pompous functioning at a fifth grade level; a fifth grade girl no less! Maybe it’s a good thing you’re here, this wench can cure your gay tendencies. Then she will fuck you like you should be fucked. Then you…”

“Charlie are you ok?”

Charlie’s neck cracked as he lifted his head. A strong wave of vertigo sent his equilibrium into a frenzy. It took his eyes a moment to catch up with his brain.


Her voice was velvety like real silk. He smiled with coyness. Embarrassment turned his pale skin to a fire truck red. His ears rung. His throat seriously needed water. He knew that if he talked he would send himself into a coughing fit. But Charlie knew if he did not respond she would be disappointed in him and that he did not want; it would crush him to know she hated him. He tried to swallow to get a little moisture going but there was no such luck. His voice sounded froggy as he squeezed out his one word response, “Yes.”

The smile on Dr. Rachel Torez’s lips illuminated the office. Even the sun burning through the window behind her did not out shine that smile. Charlie felt all five of his senses awaken in HD. See, she does like me he said to himself confidently.  His bird chest puffed out while his back straightened. As quick as the smile had appeared it quickly disappeared deflating Charlie’s spine. Her attention wandered toward the sterling silver rectangle clock on her desk. The hands were diamond encrusted. They clicked in front of a picture of her and her new husband on some island. They looked so damn cheerful and Charlie wanted nothing more than to smash that frame in minute pieces.

See, see that look right there? That look of joy and eroticism? That bitch will never, ever look at you that way because you are a waste! A waste to society! A waste of human flesh! WHY….

“Charlie it’s…”

Charlie nearly jumped out of the cushioned chair when he felt his therapist dainty hand on his shoulder. He wondered how she moved that quickly. Just a second ago she was sitting across from him on her throne now. She towered over him. The way she bent forward made her cinnamon toned breasts lift slightly upward deepening the crevice in between them. The hint of exotic fruit, pomegranate maybe lifted all of his nose hairs and sent them dancing in complete unison. He fought the urge to close his eyelids even though they were unbearably heavy. He wanted to swim in her scent for eternity.

“Is…is it time…um, uh time to go already?”

“Yes Charlie it is.”

“Wow time goes fast when you’re having fun.” Good one dumb ass!

Dr. Torez’s lips froze in her I’m glad you think that now get the hell out of my office smile. She placed her hand on the small of his back as a guide toward the door. “Now you do remember that I go on vacation next week so you will be seeing Dr. Alyra Jordan for your appointments right?”

His back became rigid as a board. Thick, sour phlegm migrated up his throat and collected at the back of his mouth. Tap, tap, tap. His pointer finger lightly touched the cool handle on the door. Sour spit still collected in his mouth. Tap, tap, tap again. A slight relief of the nausea started to happen. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing. In and out, in and out, he coached himself.

Dr. Torez’s forehead crinkled up as she watched her patient tap repeatedly on the doorknob. She had not seen that behavior before in Charlie. Time was ticking and she really had to get going if she was going to be on time for the airport. Miguel was probably there she thought, chewing on his cuticles and mean mugging everybody that came into proximity of his range of vision.

When she came back to the moment Dr. Torez came face to face with Charlie’s smiling face. His cheeks were flushed but that same sparkle was there in his eyes. “Do you remember where to go?”

Charlie nodded as he continued to smile.

“Great! Well I will see you in a week.”

“Ok. Have a great trip.” Charlie walked out of the office and headed to the bus stop.

Peace and luv!


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