Plans For The Week

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Ok so I’m learning how to stay up on my hustle better because I feel like I’m doing too much but not receiving the outcome that I want because I am doing too much. I need to focus on one thing and roll with it until it’s finished. I swear I just knew that I could handle this without having to write down a damn thing however the deeper I get into this writer career I’m realizing that that is not such a good idea. I’m a big fan of speaking things into existence and so I will put down the goals I would like to accomplish on my blog so then I have no excuse if it doesn’t work out or I haven’t done it. So this week my goals are:

1. Add more chapters to the book that I’m working on called ‘Demon’. It is a thriller/mystery so I’m stepping out of my element which is cool because that is how you grow. But I’m expecting this one to be my breakout novel into the social media and writing world. I’m super excited about this project though because it is different than what I’ve done before. The plot is the search for a teenage girl who is kidnapped by a man with multiple personalities. Good uh? Check out below the first chapter and tell me how you love it.

Next I wanna search the formats of different magazines so I can get a feel of what I want to accomplish with this magazine. I definitely know that it will be geared for the 30 and up african american women crowd. I want to be able to empower black women and make them want to do better with or without a man, and around other black women because we are always i competition with each other more than any other human race and it has to stop. I catch myself doing it but I’m learning.

Lastly I wanna get back into finding freelance work because although I’m blessed for having this gig I have now, I’m must grow and move on so I will be sharing my weekly experience with that whole situation.

Busy huh? What are your plans for the week?

Peace and luv!


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