Character Development


How do you build your characters? Me? I let art imitate life because I have some people with crazy personalities that are made for novels. Can’t invent their ish even if I tried ya feel me? I think everybody has a couple of off people in their fam.

I think character development is up there among the most important thing to master in this chaotic world of writing. To me if I am not thinking about the fictional characters after I’m done reading, as though they are real, then the writer did not do their job.

You can have a terrible plot to your project but if your characters are dynamite then your story may have a chance to be read multiple times.

Create a backstory for your characters. This will give the characters a reason for why they respond the way they do to their situations. You don’t have to pause the story to tell the reader about everybody’s past unless necessary; your readers will get highly annoyed. It’s ok to leave a little mystique to your characters.

What are your main characters’ day to day activities? Yes they are fictional characters but they still need a life. Do they work? Are they satisfied or miserable with their work? Or do they lay ground and mooch off of fam and friends? Have some kind of activity for them or your readers will wonder if the character just sits around twiddling their thumbs and waiting until it’s their time to shine. It sounds weird because again they are not real but you want them to be realistic right?

At the end of the day have fun with your characters even if it is a serious story; play around with it. Read as many books as you can on creating memorable characters for your story. Never stop trying to perfect your craft, you stop and someone who is much hungrier than you.

Now do you have a particular way of creating characters? Let me know so I can post it in future posts!

Peace and luv!


8 thoughts on “Character Development

  1. I agree with you. There are only so many plots. Even with twists, they would become mundane without the richness of characters. There are as many characters as there are iterations of people. We’ll never get bored with a well-constructed character.

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