Fin (That means ‘the end’ for you uncultured readers)

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How do you know when to stop writing for the day? Is it when you can’t think of the next scene or is it when your juices are flowing? There is no right answer but may I make a suggestion?

End your writing day when your juices are flowing like a dam.

Now roll with me for a minute. Every writer goes thru a time where they struggle with a scene or a dialogue. It’s hard sometimes to fit something in with your story. There’s nothing wrong with that ya feel me? However if you stop at that situation what’s going to happen the next day is you will first not feel motivated to get back to business because you know you will not have shit to write once you settle down and two you may sit in front of that computer or pad of paper for hours wishing something will come out of your ass so you can continue on with this project.

Yeah if you pause because you were stuck and then do something else to maybe help with getting some kind of motivation that might work however most of the time it does not. Instead stop when you are having a good streak. that way when you go back you’ll know what will come next and more than likely that will spark more creativeness. And if you’re worried about forgetting what you were going to write about then it must not have not been all that great.

See now doesn’t that make sense? And you was about to trip for nothing.

Peace and luv!



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