Melville House and Hybrid Books?


Image by Ryan Christopher VanWilliams - NYC via Flickr

This week it was announced that publishing house Melville House has created an exciting new way for readers to get that ultimate reading experience. They are calling it ‘Illumination’ and here is the gist of it.

Anyone who purchases one of their novels (physical version) will notice a code in the back of the book. The reader can scan it with their smartphone and instantly have access to extra ish connected with the book. Currently they are still running tests but are excited by this.

And as i marinate on this idea I think this is genius! Do you know what an author could do with this idea? Alternate endings, readers can shift how the story goes along, author interviews and features about upcoming evens or works! I could go on and on about what can become of this idea however I don’t have time, lol. I could do amazing things with this for my relaunch of Diamond XL.

What do you think about this feature? Would you do the same for your future projects?

Peace & luv!


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