When Do The Kardashians Have Time to Write?

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As much as this pains me because I do love them I have to ask – when in the hell do the Kardashian sisters have time to write a sentence let alone a novel?

Supposedly at the end of the year the sisters are set to release a fictional tale. Aren’t they in enough ish as it is? This is one of those situations where I bet my house on it that a ghostwriter was hired to set this bad boy up! I mean have you watched their reality show? I get exhausted just watching it. I can’t be mad at them for their hustle. I’m not condoning becoming a celebrity (and I use that word loosely) by putting out a sex tape however I do applaud Kim for staying relevant by showing other talents that she has, whether you agree or not. Most dumb broads would stop as soon as they get a little tv action and sit back and expect something good to drop in their lap.

But that isn’t my point to this rant, I don’t have time to go in on how simpletons go about getting money. Unlike them I actually have talent which is writing fiction novels. I feel sorry for writers trying to break into the writing game (especially me). Go look on the New York Times bestseller‘s list or a conglomerate like Amazon.com. About 80% of the books being sold or have the number 1 spots are usually celebrities. How are we suppose to get on when they are our competition? Most traditional publishers have given more attention to the celebrities because they know they have money and it’s a guaranteed sell. They don’t even wanna mess with a beginning writer unless they have a solid platform that will prove to them that they are about their business and they will not lose money. That’s the breaks for you, I guess. You would think it would be easier to get published but unfortunately it is not.

My question for you writers like me is are you or would you care if you were a ghostwriter for a celebrity novel? What if the only recognition you would get is that fat check after all of the sells?

I’m on the fence with this one because you can’t really tell anybody that you wrote that book. The majority of the time you have to keep it a secret and they will make you sign a contract so in case you get the case of the loose lips they can sue your ass. Look I’m trying to make my mark as a writer. Maybe 1 or 2 ghostwritng projects would do for me (and that’s a big maybe) but to make a career of it  – I’m good.

Are there any ghostwriters out there that can weigh in on this? I would love to hear your opinions!

Peace and luv!


2 thoughts on “When Do The Kardashians Have Time to Write?

  1. April says:

    This is very real! Celebrities do have a greater advantage.But Im gonna let my gifting make room for me and become a celebrity how its supposed to be done. I was just thinking on this yesterday, that its crazy nowadays how one can shoot to fame by sleeping with famous athletes and rappers. and the big hoopla over that wedding was crazy, but atleast shes married now… thats a step in the right direction.

    • I agree with you April I will let my gift make room for me too. A lot of peoples’ mentality is messed up and their priorities. And as far as that wedding, whew that was ridiculous! I never wish a divorce on anyone (unless Nelly marries Ashanti and then I might, lol) but I really don’t believe this will last. She just got married just to say she’s married.

      Thanks for your comment ma!

      Peace and luv!

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