Still Not Feeling ‘The Help’

Cover of "The Help"

Cover of The Help

Now I have someone who is feeling how I’m feeling about this new movie called The Help. First off I am a realist not a opportunist. I don’t wanna be looked at as one of those black people who shouts ‘this is clearly a race issue’; but as I said 30 seconds ago I am a realist and will call out bad ish when I see it. I’m gone need a bull horn for this one!

This movie I will not see and I have no passion for reading this sudeenly popular novel. Why has it all of a sudden become this over night sensation? And it has me seriously wondering if a black author had written this would it have gotten as much notoreighty? Say if Spike Lee wrote it, I know for a fact that it wouldn’t get recognized as much.

Boston Globes Wesley Morris is throwing out his opinion too. He says:

“The Help joins everything from To Kill A Mockingbird to The Blind Side as another Hollywood movie that sees racial progress as the province of white do-gooderism. It comes out on the losing end of the movies social history. The best film roles 3 black women will have all year require one of them to clean Ron Howard‘s daughter’s house.”

To this day I have no passion for watching movies that make it seem that blacks will not prosper unless a great white hope comes riding in on its horse to come save the day like they are captain save a hoe. We can prosper without them although Essence is not helping that theory.

This movie really needs to be locked up in a vault with the rest of the ‘gotta save the black folk’ movies. Hollywood needs to let this horrific era and come up with some original work. Our history should not be displayed like this just for a few dollars.

Peace and luv!


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