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I love to read, unlike the 500,000 people who ‘liked’ the ‘I Hate to Read’ Facebook page. However I will admit to not caring about reading ebooks. With all of these electronic devices being made so people can read their favorite books it seems like ebooks are becoming the next ‘big’ thing! I’m glad that people are reading more because for a minute it seemed like a ghost town in nearby libraries.

On a personal level i don’t care to read a book on any kind of device other than the physical version. I’m like that girl on the commercial who said it’s better to feel herself folding down the page that she left off at in her book, etc. You know that one. Well, that’s me. Call me old but sitting in front of a screen is not whats up with my eyes, hell I already wear glasses!

On a business level, they are great! They are affordable to produce, (free actually) and like I said everybody has one of those devices so an author could make a decent amount of money if they market their product right.

Anywho, my point to this rant? There isn’t one, I just woke up cranky and felt like whining about something, lol. Have a good one!

Peace & luv!


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