Another Teaser to ‘Demons’

demon inside

Image by Melinda Taber via Flickr

Ok, wanna another sneak peek at the story I’m working on? Enjoy!


Dr. Rachel Torez opened her office door. Charles Schwartz was sitting in his usual spot in the waiting area. Something was different, she realized in that instant. The air was tight and angry choking her lungs. Charles sat so light in his spot that at any moment Dr. Torez thought he would be lifted up in the air and float away. Menacing eyes were glued to her so intensely that she became slightly rattled. However she gained enough composure to tell him to come inside her office.

Charles Schwartz remained sitting deathly still. It seemed as if his attention was far away from this setting. Dr. Torez glanced over at her receptionist. She shrugged her shoulders at the odd man. When they looked back at Charles had a wicked grin on his face. She assumed he did not hear her so she repeated herself again. Charles jumped up a little too fast for the two women observing his weird behavior. He charged forward with his hand out. “Good morning Dr. Torez, how are you?”

Dr. Torez was taken aback by his sultry voice and calm demeanor. She slid her hand into his. The palm was sweaty and leathery. He held onto it longer than she was comfortable with. A fiery hotness circulated up through her body. Eventually he let go and they proceeded into her office. Dr. Torez had all of the notes her friend had faxed over memorized in her head. Her rolodex of memories circulated around in her head in an attempt to figure out which personality she was dealing with.

“Please, sit down,” Charles said. The same grin remained plastered on his face. Dr. Torez sat down slowly. He did not sit down until she was good and comfortable.

“How are you Mr. Schwartz?”

“Please call me by my name. We are all friends here.”

“What is your name?” It slipped out of her mouth before she could stop herself. A dark, violent thunderstorm clouded his eyes. As quickly as it came it left just as fast. The sadistic grin reappeared.

“Why would you ask that?” You know my name, we’ve been saying it this past year.”

“I know but I want you to tell me again.”

“The same name my mom gave me.”

The tension became thicker. “How is your mom anyway? Have you gone and visited her lately?” Dr. Torez could feel her throat closing with each second.

“Why would I?” Charles asked harshly.

“She is your mother.”

Charles shrugged his shoulders. The thunderstorm had turned for the worse; it was crossing over into a tsunami. “So!”

“Do you miss her?”

“I am not crazy like that bitch!”

“I didn’t…”

“Yes you did! You think I’m crazy like her! Well I am not you hear me!? I’m not!” Charles slammed his balled up fist down on the edge of her desk making her paperweight and picture frame dance an inch to the left. Seconds later her receptionist came barging in. A frantic deer caught in headlights look was all over her expression. Wild eyes drunk in the office.

“What happened?”

Dr. Torez kept her eyes glued to Charles but said, “Nothing Patricia we’re fine.” Patricia took one look at her boss and client before shutting the door. They continued on with their staring contest.

“Robert?” Dr. Torez asked.

Charles’s neck snagged as it turned too swiftly. An electric current ripped through Dr. Torez’s spine. Dr. Jordan was right. Her palms began to sweat and shake. At the pit of her stomach a ball of excitement and anxiousness rolled around. She felt like she had just won the lottery and had her wisdom teeth pulled out at the same time.

Damn it, the voice inside Charles’s head screamed.

Nice job asshole!

Shut up! Shut up! Another voice in his head demanded. This one was more deep and rough around the edges.

She knows because of you!

Shut up!

If you would have let me handle it this shit wouldn’t be happening!

Never would I have let your ignorant pompous ass control the body!

Well how is that working for you?

Dr. Torez sat stiff in her chair watching what seemed like her patient having a personal breakdown in his own little world. Deep crevasses covered his forehead. His lips moved but no sound came out. He seemed to have forgotten she was in the room with him. She let Charles and his personalities duke it out. With every change Dr. Torez wrote everything that was going on in his file. It amazed her that after having Charles for over a year none of his personalities came out to the surface as they were right now. Or maybe there were clues but she missed them, she thought. She ran through the past year; so many questionable things that she completely dismissed as non-important. how in the world did she miss all of that? 

Dr. Torez came back to reality. Her hand with the pen in it was still furiously writing. She was nearly about to go off the page. When she looked up she was met by Charles Schwartz staring right at her. Their faces were inches apart. A hot wave of breath covered her face. She jumped back startled……


To be continued…



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