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Once again I’m sitting here banging my head and wishing that I had thought of this idea but of course I didn’t. eBook soundtracks have become official and Booktrack is leading the pack.

What’s Booktrack?

Booktrack has taken publishing to another level. You heard of soundtracks right? Well this is the same concept only for eBooks. Imagine reading one of my own eBooks (White Lies on sale now at and on the perfect spot in the story you hear THAT scary music that comes on when you’re watching a thriller or horror film. It start to unravel thru your ears intensifying the scene you are reading. Chilling, isn’t it? And genius I have to say.

Like peanut butter and jelly Booktrack has combined music and the written word. Their first eBook with a soundtrack is called The Power of Six. I can only think of good advantages to this concept.

Makes reading fun again.

For awhile I thought reading was becoming extinct. It was as if people were allergic to reading. Now within the last five years many conglomerates have put out electronic devices that are made for readers on the go. Now it’s cool to have a Kindle, Nook, or eReader in public. Adding music creates more money for the artists, authors, publishers, agents and so on. There is a whole new generation to entice and I think Booktrack is on that right track (get it, right track?) to do it.

Go ahead and slide on over to their website and look around, get info, and possibly get a quote on creating a soundtrack for your next eBook!

Peace and luv!


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