Can Universities Create Legendary Writers?

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Some people will disagree with me but I don’t care it’s my blog. Exit stage left if you don’t wanna read what I have to say. Go ahead, I’ll wait for you to click to another page…

Ok now that they are gone let me get back down to business. Again I don’t think colleges or universitites can breed legendary writers. To me a person have to be born with the ability to make art/music on paper! Similar to a singer. A true singer always had a beautiful voice they just needed a voice coach to sharpen those skills. Universities have the same purpose. A potential writer will walk in as a beginner or unexperienced writer but that university will equip you with the tools needed to sharpen your God given talent.

In no way am I saying don’t go to school; anything that enhances your skill you should take advantage of it but don’t expect to walk up in a class thinking you will come out like another Maya Angelou or a Toni Morrison!

Look at the african american writers back when they were not allowed to attend schools. They managed to become legendary authors because they had that heart and soul of a writer. Their words bled through the pages of their novels and gave their readers goosebumps because of the realness in their work; similar to how people get goosebumps whenever Mary J sing.

OK boo, what’s your point?

My point is if you are an aspiring writer don’t get discouraged if you can’t afford to go to a college or universitiy. If you’re a natural it will happen if you grind enough because God only helps the ones that helps themselves. If you do want to go to school here are the top 5 schools that offer the creme de la creme of creative writing programs:

1.  University of Iowa

2.  University of Michigan

3.  University of Wisconsin

4.  Brown University

5.  (Tie) Cornell and Syracuse Universities

Need alternatives to going to an university? Try these:

1.  Start your own writing group

2.  Take online courses

3.  Join low residency creative writing program

4.  Enroll in community college writing courses

5.  Join online writing communities

Beware of writing communities though. Sometimes it is easy to depend on the community so much that you forget to realize that they are in the same boat as you, they are all trying to become successful bestsellers. Many may not be experts but just students in this game called writing. Make sure you know if they have good intentions when they are giving you advice and not trying to personally sabotage what you are trying to build.

What do you think? Is going to an university the answer to being a successful writer?

Peace & luv!


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