Sophomore Novel Jitters

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Remember when your first novel was born? You were geeked and couldn’t wait to put pen to paper. Every second you had free you took the opportunity to write, even if it was one sentence. That was one sentence closer to the completion of the book. You told everyone and your mama about the genius work you’re creating. Now that you have debut it, the book climbs up to the top of the bestsellers list and you’ve made Oprah come out of retirement to do another ‘Book of the Month’ selection and an in-depth one on one interview…

Ok well maybe it’s not that deep, I was trying to have you re-live that moment your first novel was created and sent to publication. That drive and hunger that fueled your every movement and sentence. The excitement you had after it was finally finished.

Now it’s time to go back to the dungeon to create another masterpiece! When you sit down – nothing. Your mind is scrambling and you’re not sure why.

Self pressure is a mofo!

You still have that excitement similar to your virgin novel however a few added feelings are over powering that excitement. I will call these feelings ‘self pressure’. Yes you will have certain expectations thrown in from critics, agents, publishing houses and fans but the most pressure you will get is from you.

How do you live up to your first hype?

I’ve adopted a mantra to say when I catch the case of writer’s paralysis, ‘just write’. Nice and simple, then I’m back to the task at hand. Don’t get caught up in not being as good as your first novel. You were on a different mind frame then. Now close that chapter (pun intended) in your life and write. Just remember that hunger and determination and let that guide you for this novel. The more you dwell on each sentence the more robotic it will sound. Let it flow like water and your fans and future fans will feel it bleed through the pages or computer screen ya feel me?

What are your own techniques to getting over the last novel jitters? I would love to hear it and maybe even do a post around it!

Peace and luv!

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