Is There a Method to Landing That Big Book Deal?

Vanity Fair 1

Image by 96dpi via Flickr

You might know this little magazine called Vanity Fair? Well they are releasing an eBook called How a Book Is Born: The Making of The Art of Fielding. It will give a descriptive view of a writer’s journey to getting published; from conception to birth (publication goofs). The author is named Chad Harbach. His $1.99 priced eBook has fortunately for him, landed him a $665,000 book deal. Yeah I said it – $665,000!

It seems like lately we’re seeing more and more of these stories where new novelists land a large book deal. This got me saying to myself 1) why in the hell that wasn’t me and 2) is there really a method to landing a large book deal?

Since this is my blog I can voice my opinion freely (and so should you so go ahead and comment below). Any my opinion is this — there are no secret methods unless you count pure luck as one.

Hard work, have you heard of it?

At the end of the day you really need to hustle your ass off if you want to become successful as a writer. You get what you put in so if you only give 10% guess what, you get 10% results. Yes there are a few newcomers who happened to be at the right place at the right time but don’t expect that to happen to you. If you’re talented it will happen. Create opportunities don’t wait for them to fall in your lap.

Peace and luv!


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