Amazon’s eBook Subscription? For What?

Image representing Amazon as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Amazon has been sticking their hands and noses in every kind of venture lately. And normally I don’t knock anybody’s hustle especially a conglomerate such as Amazon but a bish has to draw the line somewhere.

Amazon is possibly creating an eBook subscription service similar to what Netflix are with movies and tv shows.

For what?

Why would people spend money on such a service like that? Hello, there are libraries that loan out ebooks for free! I am a book fanatic (and writer if you don’t know already Google me. No I’m for real, Google me) and I know there will be some crazy person claiming that they read a lot and this would be convenient for them. No boo-boo this is just the case of another organization taking your money because you were too stupid to catch the scheme!

Apparently they are working out the kinks but I hope they come up with a better system or purpose for this thing. Do you think this is a keeper? Please comment below and tweet to your friends to get their opinion too!

Peace and luv!

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