Huffing Over Huffington Post

The Huffington Post

Image by clasesdeperiodismo via Flickr

Huffington Post has gotten a bit of unwanted attention lately and it doesn’t seem to be getting better with this one either.

Allegedly some adult (you’ll understand why I put ‘adult’ in a minute) bloggers are huffing and puffing (no pun intended) over the fact that they are being used for their writing skills and not being paid for it. You know what my response is already. When you became a freelance writer or blogger it was your responsibility to make sure the terms of that job were laid out in front of you and you should have also signed a contract stating those terms. If you didn’t well shame on your dumb ass – you get what you deserved which is screwed.

One blogger actually had the audacity to sue Huffington Post over non-payment! Now unless a contract has been signed I know the judge will probably look at this fool and laugh all in his face. Why would you subject yourself to such embarrassment?

Now the Media Group division of Huffington Post has come up with a blog that will be managed and written by teenagers. Everyone under the moon is having a fit about this simply because it’s teenagers, a generation that doesn’t know the word censorship (as a parent I feel them on that one) and because these teenagers will not get paid. Again, the teenagers already knew coming into this that they were not getting paid. Me personally see more good than harm on this idea.

Instead of whining about your teen posting stuff you need to stop making it all about you and focus on what your teen or other teens are speaking on. I don’t understand parents these days, it’s like they caught a severe case of amnesia. There is not one adult who can say they told their parents everything. (Put your hand down!) What do you think your teen is doing? It’s easier now than it was back when I was growing up to know what’s going on in your teen’s life. However my grandma used her intuition and always knew what was going on in her house; screw a FB page or blog! Parents look at this as an opportunity to step into this generations’ world. Get informed and take those blinders off. Don’t expect the worse but be realistic!

The other thing parents were nagging about is the no checks for their teen’s work and how that is messing with child labor laws, yada, yada, yada! What?! If that is the case then every organization that offers internships should be sued as well. Ugh, get a clue!

These kids are being exposed to the business world from a credible business. Do you know how many contacts and resources these kids will obtain before graduation?

I am so on Huffington Post’s side. What are your thoughts?

Peace and luv!


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