Do Decent Editing Services Exist?

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If so, where?

Over the weekend I combed lightly through the internet to check out some fiction novel editing services. To put it bluntly I was disgusted and really feeling some type of way after maybe a half hour. Let me just say that I skipped school the day God was giving patience out, no joke! It was just discouraging to see the sites I checked out.

Common denominator?

All of them looked amateur as hell. Apparently, they have forgotten what ‘white space’ is. Words were on every ounce of the site. I had no idea where to start (I hear you, duh Talia at the top!). The ‘supposed’ title or beginning sentences looked like they were pasted from another sentence that was not finished or started. It was just a middle and an end. Thank God I’m not claustrophobic or epileptic!

That tells me that whoever created that site doesn’t have enough clients to make a decent website. A site that would make any author want to work with them before they even checked out the site. And it also tells me that if he/she cannot commit to creating a reader friendly site, he/she will not commit that much to their editing. If you give 50% you get 50%. I just really want to know where are the editors at? Seriously. I’m completing my thriller ‘Demon‘ and would really like to do this self publishing thing right this time. HELP!

Peace & Luv!


3 thoughts on “Do Decent Editing Services Exist?

  1. Thanks for sharing the love! I feel your pain regarding the editing services out there, which is why I offer it myself 🙂 Proofreading goes for .011 cents per word; substantive goes anywhere between that and .045 cents a word. If it’s outside of that, I generally don’t consider it.

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