Sleeping On LinkedIn

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I don’t know why LinkedIn is not as popular as Twitter or Facebook. A lot of people, especially publishers, agents and news based organizations should take advantage of this social media underdog. At lease one group has capitalized on the site and that is journalists.

Arketi Web have confirmed that nearly 92% of journalists actively use LinkedIn. And why not? Think about it, LinkedIn is geared toward business owners. From the design to the info required on your profile page all are geared toward networking with other businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s your online resume basically. Having impeccable writing and grammar skillz gives potential clients a clue of how you write.

So I suggest if you do have a LinkedIn account and want to be a writer or a journalist you better take longer than the two seconds you used to create that FB or Twitter page. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Some suggestions:

1.  Write exactly what you do and what you are looking for,

2.  list what jobs are relevant to your field only,

3.  add a little personality; not a powerful one. Cockiness is not flattering,

4.  leave the antics for Twitter and FB,

5.  write down your goals and implement them somewhere in your file and lastly

6.  no slutty pics, just keep it simple. A basic head shot is fine.

What is your LinkedIn URL? Here’s mine:

Peace and luv!


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