As If We Didn’t Get Enough of This Chick!

Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...

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I am actually surprised something like this has not come out sooner. Maybe since she is not able to make money off of the trial but that doesn’t mean the media or the jurors could not capitalize on the trial of the century.

People Magazine has decided to set the greedy trend in motion by releasing an eBook chronicling the whole kitten and kaboodle of the Casey Anthony trial including private conversations with the parents. Supposedly the author was allowed to stay in their home at one point. I don’t know how true that is but who knows. The whole family seem one marble short from the looney bin. I felt sorry for that beautiful bright eyed baby girl; she did not ask for this mama or environment.

If you have not gotten tired of the Casey Anthony story and is in dire need of reading this eBook, get out your Kindle and purchase it for $3.99. However I can think of so many other things you can get with $3.99; gas, pack of gum, something from the dollar menu at McDonalds, chips….

Peace and luv!


7 thoughts on “As If We Didn’t Get Enough of This Chick!

  1. Hilde says:

    Waste of even $ 3.99 😆
    We have seen and heard enough of that whole Bunch, Enough already!
    Should Karma catch up with any of that greedy Bunch than I might be interested, again might.

    • I agree it is a waste. I wouldn’t even read it if someone let me read it off their Kindle. And karma will come back and get that whole family, it’s just sad that a little girl had to be caught in the middle of this craziness.

      Thanks for the comment and visiting!

  2. offthecuff says:

    Hey, I’m all up for analyzing and re-analyzing this trial to find out what went “wrong” or was intentionally done wrong so that if necessary, the judicial system can be tweaked (HA!) or so that the next intense case can be handled better.

    But as for interviewing the folks, (HA!), unless they’ve been given a truth-serum or there’s a hidden polygraph or something, I don’t know how they are to be believed. I don’t know how they can believe themselves or each other. They ain’t crazy. They’re just dishonest.

    • They are dishonest, especially the mother. I don’t understand how you can lie for your daughter for the murder of your granddaughter. I can’t comprehend that no matter how I analyze the situation. I taught my kids better than that, but to each their own. Maybe if we ask Harry Potter for some truth serum we can get it out of them, lol. I still wouldn’t be interested. Did you watch any of the trial on tv?

      • offthecuff says:

        I did watch much of the trial. I thought the prosecutors were swell. I don’t think there was anything the state could’ve done to prevent the outcome of the jury. They (the jury) blind-sided everyone, even the defense, with their verdict. What can be analyzed now and in the future taught is the simplicity of the jurist’s mind and their understanding of and weight given to circumstantial evidence.

        But even beyond the dismissing of clear circumstantial evidence presented, there seemed to be something much more evil played out amongst the jury. Something that they themselves weren’t even aware. Something eerie about the way Baez was able to get to them with his lies. Maybe I’m warping this way out too far.

        However, I’m concerned that other defense lawyers will mimic Baez’ risque tactics to torque the minds of jurists from the realm of the intelligent to hypothetical emotionalism in future cases.

      • See I didn’t watch the trial, I just thought that it was too much for me to watch and I felt like why would I give her the time of day. I did however see the interview after the verdict was made from one of the jurors. When she stated that they did not come up with enough evidence to say she was guilty of the actual act of murdering her daughter but they all knew that she was guilty of something, what, she wasn’t sure of, it put things in perspective for me personally. Call me nieve I thought that going to court was just about that, never did I consider all of the logistics of it. I don’t know, that whole situation was just wrong. In the end, all will get their punishment for whatever part they played in.

  3. Hilde says:

    offthecuff, You said it “They ain’t crazy. They’re just dishonest” that goes for the whole Anthony Clan!
    If anything can be learned from this Case, I am all for it, as long as it will benefit the Victim and not the Perpetrator. JMO

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