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When keeping up with the latest trends an organization has to have the knack for seeing what can work for their brand and what cannot. They have to keep one ear to the streets (or society for you uppidy folks). Sometimes it does not always work for them and sometimes they do.

Change is good!

First thing first, when I woke up this morning I noticed a change in my FB. As I did a quick sweep of the features I became interested. When I scrolled thru the status page I noticed a lot of my FB friends were not feeling the new digs. I think it’s more organized. I love that there is a Twitter like feel on the right side that gives you real time updates on what your friends are saying which I love! I don’t have to keep hitting that damn refresh button!

Now there is another new feature on FB. If you haven’t noticed yet some of your friends may have the ‘subscribe’ button on their page and I know you are wondering what in the hell is that. That’s why you have me, to fill you in.

If you haven’t noticed this blog is strictly about writing so new features, authors, posts, etc that I speak on will be about how it can improve your writing skills as well as your networking skills.

Ok now the ‘subscribe’ button allows you to receive your favorite writer, journalist, publisher and the like status updates on your news feed without having to befriend them. What I love about that is that you don’t have to sit around waiting for that ‘accepted you as a friend’ request that you sent out months ago. Celebrities, journalists, etc are too busy to sit around and play on FB like us normal people do.

Only thing about this feature is that the person you are trying to get their feeds have to have that ‘subscribe’ option otherwise you will have to put in a friend request. I’ve already allowed for my posts to be subscribed so why don’t you go to my page here.

Peace and luv!


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