War of Illiteracy In America

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There have been some disturbing news that have been brought to my attention, (no not the Troy Davis execution although that has my blood boiling!). SAT reading scores have went down a staggering 33 points since 1972! This includes both public and private schools. This also goes to show how hard we need to get on our education systems so our kids don’t suffer later on in life. It’s crazy that the more sophisticated the technology man creates the lazier our children become. All of this was supposed to enhance their learning experience instead our children are unmotivated to learn in school. God forbid they actually study! Not all students lack in reading skills but apparently if children in 1972 are smarter than the children of 2011 then we have a problem!

Currently over 750 million in the world cannot read at their level. That is way too many! It’s disheartening to know that many do not have the luxury of reading. Me personally devours books; what if I could not read? That is like me not being able to breathe.

When funding is taken out where is it hit most? The school systems, teachers are fired (and it’s always the good ones!), schools are completely shut down without anything to replace the space in the abandoned buildings. At least on average 1-2 schools have been closed for the last few years consistently. No plans for the abandoned buildings to be occupied using them for educational purposes.

So check this out. Before the week is over I need you to sit and marinate on what you can do to help illiteracy in this country and beyond. Actually care for more than what chain you are rocking or what whip you will make bend the corners. Even I have moments of reality jolting me back. This right here will be your wake up call. Let me give you a few sites to look into:

  • rif.org – RIF or Reading Is Fundamental is a book distribution program that is serving over 4 million children in the United States however their funding like many other educational organizations have been eliminated by Congress! Check out there Reading Is Fundamental video below:
  • Shareliteracy.org has goals to improve literacy skills along with improving parental knowledge and involvement with their children’s education. They want to accomplish this by: 1) having workshops for teachers to increase their expectations, 2) providing strategies to help their students and 3) offering hands on opportunities.
  • SAG Foundation or Screen Actors Guild Foundation (sag.foundation.org) was founded in 1993. They have partnerships and support from people who are best known to tell a story but actors. BookPALS exposes children to books in order for them to get to love them. Storyline Online is a video program for kids who have access to the internet. They can watch actors read a story as though they were right there!

These are only a few sites you can start checking. If you know of any organizations that assist children’s learning skills please comment below or email me at diamondpublicationz@gmail.com

Peace and luv!


2 thoughts on “War of Illiteracy In America

  1. Marcie Hill says:

    Thanks for sharing these resources. I am pleased to share that I submitted my TB test and hope to be a writing tutor at the school in my community next month. So, that is my contribution. And like you, my life without books is like life without breathing.

    • That is awesome that you are going to be a writing tutor! We need more people out there like you that can assist in getting our children back on track. People need to realize that this is our future and maybe once they understand that they will want to help out more. Thanks for the comment. Keep doing your thang!

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