Reading Is Fundamental

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Have you ever wanted to attend some of the top schools in America but a) could not afford it or b) you did not get high enough SAT scores? Well now you have your chance to get your bragging rights on.

Harvard, Yale, MIT, and the University of California have decided to record YouTube videos of their instructors teaching various educational subjects including arts education, and law.

The 5 educational courses for writers are:

  1. An evening with Ray Bradbury: Science Fiction and the love of writing
  2. The Woman Warrior: Identity plot by Maxine Hong Kingston
  3. CSI Fact vs Fiction: Exploring Fact and Fiction on TV
  4. Clive Cussler: Writing Adventure Fiction
  5. Writing Fiction: Craft of Writing

Go ahead and get to them because class is in session.! Oh and did I mention that these videos are free?

Peace and luv!


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