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Last time I checked books have always had errors in them. However lately reading device manufacturers have been catching hell for releasing their eBooks with a tremendous amount of errors. Supposedly several eBooks have not just had grammatical errors but formatting errors as well.

Whose responsibility is it? The publisher or the manufacturers?

It depends because when I published my first eBook, (White Lies which still on sale at as I transferred my Word document over to their PDF format a lot of things changed. My formatting in the Word document was on point and I think it was close to 100 pages then when it converted over the alignment was messed up, there were extra gaps and spaces in places where they should not have been and it condensed itself somehow down to 50 pages. It might have been my lack of knowledge on how to create an eBook but the whole thing was all kindz of wrong and I was not satisfied with the end product. I should have shopped around more (but don’t let that discourage you from buying it; the story itself is still good!).

With that being said I would expect someone like me, who is ballin’ on a budget and can’t afford an editor, to come out with several mistakes since I am doing the editing on my own. However a conglomerate such as Amazon who created the Kindle should not have a noticeable amount of mistakes in their eBooks. They make too much money and have too many connects to send out half ass products. And because of all the hoopla and complaining that has been going on some customers were given a portion, if not all, of their money back or an updated version with no mistakes.

Should they have given their money back? What do you think?

If it is a lot of errors I personally say hell yeah! Thing is they should have did refunds a long time ago cause I got a few books up in my bedroom with errors embedded all throughout them. They can have them back! If they don’t accept it for the errors take it back just off the fact that the book sucked!

eBooks do make it easier for publishers and authors from all spectrums to get their work out quicker and easier but that doesn’t mean you have to slack in some areas (specifically editing!). Consumers are not that stupid and the businesses may think that a few complaints will not do damage to their brand but don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth and social media networking sites. You can be ruined within seconds! You can’t please everybody but don’t slack on your hustle! Someone will be waiting to snatch your shine and leave you in the dark. Now go fix those damn error filled eBooks!

Peace & luv!


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