The Raven

Edgar Allan Poe Museum (Richmond, Virginia)

Image via Wikipedia

As much as I hate that the movies coming out are regurgitated from the original years and years ago and no one has not an ounce of creativity or balls enough to actually make a movie that (uh, gasps!) is original I will say that when I heard that The Raven written by Mr. Edgar Allen Poe will be a movie it peaked my interest just a tad. And then my interest got bigger when I saw the trailer for it. No other than John Cusack will play Edgar Allen Poe which I think is perfect. From what I understand from it there is a murderer from back in the day that is using Mr. Poe’s book as real life situations; basically what we do with reality tv in the present time. It looks very dark, demented and down right good. I’m down for watching it although I will have to apparently wait until March of next year. But you could watch the trailer for it below to peak your interest too. Enjoy!

Peace and luv!


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