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I’m still upset over the fact that my favorite bookstore, Borders, closed their doors in my hometown earlier this year. They promised the continuation of their online store now it has just been confirmed that Barnes & Noble is taking over the online store.


This situation is all kinds of wrong and let me tell you why. No one told Borders’ customers that the switch was about to go down. The only way the customers found out was when they tried to log onto Borders’ website they got redirected to the Barnes & Noble website. Their introduction for these customers? ‘Welcome Borders Customer’. On top of that customers of Borders will have their personal account information sold to B&N unless the customer tells them not to. They only have a certain amount of time to opt out. Now isn’t that some shiesty ish. This information came from someone outside of B&N camp!

B&N are looking real selfish right about now. They are trying to get extra customers which will result in more money in their deep pockets. There was no warning but someone from B&N tweeted this out: ‘B&N appreciates the role bookstores play and we are sorry that Borders closed. Pls follow @BNBuzz to continue your love of reading’. I guess they really thought no one would notice. At least for the inconvenience B&N will offer Borders’ customers a free 2 month offer and a 10% off coupon! Ooooooooooo! Oh and they also took over the Borders’ Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Any Borders customers out there wanting to vent?Come holla at me.

Peace and luv!


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  1. Ermilia says:

    While I agree this went down poorly, I’ve shopped at both book stores for quite some time and never liked one more than the other except that the Borders membership was free. One thing to consider though is that Amazon is often cheaper than both and has access to authors you would not hear about otherwise. I downloaded three free books to my Kindle for PC and while I look into self-publishing. While we may be sad Borders closed, that’s part of business and they apparently weren’t making enough to be profitable. As a business person, I’m disappointed in how it went down, but I can’t fault B&N for trying to expand their clientele.

    just my thoughts on the matter.
    -Eliabeth Hawthorne

    • I appreciate your thoughts. Yes it was all in business I just feel like they could have handled it in a different way other than posting what happened on a Tweet. But thank you so much for reading my post. I would love for you to come back and read more. Have a great day!

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