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Writers! Listen up. It’s hard for self publishing writers when putting their work out. Many lose potential fans once their work is out there with poor editing. Errors really can be prevented. In this situation you really do not get a chance to make a first impression.

Well Writer’s Digest has a service that will help writers get their ish right for showing.

Editing is not just grammatical correcting; a simple spell check in your Word document can fix those. 2nd Draft Critique Service takes editing to another level. Their job is to 1) provide you with you manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, 2) offer comments on appropriateness for your target market, 3) red flag any consistent issues such as style and grammar and 4) give you a clear idea on how to revise your work. Its price is $4 per page.

Word of advice though. Before settling with an editor do your homework! Many writers get into a relationship with an editor too quickly. Make sure that editor even represents your genre. Seasoned editors will most likely tell you ‘hey this is not my area of expertise’. Greedy editors will attempt to take on your project just for the money. They may bring in so many clients they don’t have time to give you an above average critique. Check how many clients the editor have. Ask for references (yes you can do that). Make sure you’re comfortable with that editor. A lot of times a steady relationship can last throughout your writing career. I mean it is a business right? And even if you decide down the road that this editor will not work out don’t leave on a bad note. Try and keep in contact every once in awhile; you never know the connects that editor may have for you and vice versa.

I’m always curious as to how writers choose who they will work with (publishing house, agent, designers, etc.). What have you done that may not have been done before to weed out who you will work with? Is there a formula to it?

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2 thoughts on “2nd Draft Critique Service

  1. mqallen says:

    I’ve had very good experiences with Red Circle Ink (for a much lower price 🙂 ) but may try their critiquing service for at least the first few chapters of my current project.

    One thing to note on 2nd Draft- they have several offerings from a straight copy-edit (last pre-publish step) to a story critique (more high level) to combined package and the rates vary with what you need and select.

    Seems like a good outfit. I didn’t see anything specifically on a critique of part of a novel so I’ll have to check that. I can’t afford the full novel critique. At $4 per page, you can be talking down payment on a car 🙂

    • I will look into red circle ink. I am in the process of editing my psychological thriller and unlike my first book I published I will hire an editor. But I agree the prices are outrageous! I might do what I read another author do which was go to some fresh out of college students who are editors, even then you must be careful. Good luck with your project and thanks for commenting!

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