19 Year Old Already A Literary Great

19 year old literary author

When I was 19 I was having my daughter, I was in love and the whole acting like an adult and taking care of my responsibilities became my focus. Becoming that writer I wanted so bad to become got shoved in a compartment somewhere deep inside of me. If I had the confidence that I have now, no telling where I could have been in the writing world. But I will not play that should, woulda, coulda game right now. I wanna spotlight this talented young sistah.

This beautiful sistah has already published a novel at the age of 19. Ms. Paige Love-Rose has written Beauty in the hopes of empowering young women. She hails from Roxbury, Mass. and have used her talent of writing to escape when things were not so great at home.

Bronze Magazine interviewed the writer and she says that when she was 16 her friends would come to her for advice which helped with making her debut novel Beauty. To see the whole interview visit Bronze Magazine. I guarantee you will be inspired!

Peace and luv!

Link: www.bronzemagonline.com/young-independent-author-paige-love



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