Amazon Really Is Taking Over The World!

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I swear at least once a week I am writing an article about some new venture and this will be another one for you. Although being an unsigned writer I’m kind of geeked about this new venture.

Amazon is overriding traditional publishers and going for those writers themselves. Publishing houses are finally starting to get nervous? Why? Because this is Amazon. Their brand is bananas. I can’t begin to list all that they have started.

CreateSpace was already a part of self publishing now Amazon has said what I’ve been saying for years. Why spend months that could possibly turn into years of waiting on an agent or publisher to give you that book deal? And then on top of that the publishers still expects you, the writer, to do all of the marketing. So what do they do? Not knocking their little hustle but I think that a lot of these traditional big-house publishers are becoming more and more lazy in what they are suppose to be doing. Back in the day a writer didn’t have to do anything but write now they spend more time marketing and networking then they do writing! In other words I’m suppose to sit back  and let some big head profit off my ‘baby’ collect money when they did not help make these sales?

Go kill yourself on that one!

I think Amazon has something here. They are cutting out the middle man and allowing writers to go back to what they are originally supposed to do which it write! Already they are due to publish 122 books for this fall. They are also allowing access to Nielsen Book Scan sales data to writers. Way to open the doors for writers such as myself!

Peace and luv!


2 thoughts on “Amazon Really Is Taking Over The World!

  1. Neeks says:

    The industry is growing and changing, it’s exciting!

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