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Lauren Myracle Banned Books Read-Out 9-08

I want to know your honest opinion on this story I ran into. Me personally would be shitty but read the rest of this post and then you can come to your own conclusion.

Last week the nominees for the 2011 National Book Awards were released. Author Lauren Myracle (love the spelling of that last name) who specializes in Young Adult novels was on that list. However she really was not supposed to be apart of it.

Yes! That’s what I said, you can close your mouth now and listen.

Her spot was meant for Franny Billingsley who wrote Chime. To throw salt on the already wide open wound the association asked Ms. Myracle to bow out to ‘preserve the integrity’ of the awards.


Even after realizing they made a mistake they could not swallow their pride and apologize right. They made it all about them and what they stand for fuck Ms. Myracle who probably has grinded her ass off to be a successful writer!

The logistics behind these literally awards is crazy. Now tell me am I overreacting? What would you have done if you were this author? And what compensation should she get if any? Hit me up in the comment box.

Peace and luv!


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