Interact On Another Level With Your Book

iPad and a Bluetooth Keyboard

Image via Wikipedia

Have you heard of Interactive Touch?

Don’t feel bad I haven’t either apparently they are a fairly new company so don’t kick yourself for not knowing of them. Let me give you the little scoop that I know about this new company.

Two dads came up with this idea after seeing the excitement coming from their children and the iPad. With that realization Interactive Touch was invented.

Interactive Touch (as explained on the website) creates media for mobile devices. They allow non computer savvy people to build a story without complicated codes. Parents or aspiring children’s book writers can use their FREE online interface to add animation, sound effects, puzzles and games of their own.

Interactive Media also gives access to all of their interactive books. Over a 100 professionals makes this venture pop off. Go visit their website at and check out their demo video.

Peace and luv!


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