How It Really Went Down

Lauren Myracle Banned Books Read-Out 9-08

A couple of posts ago I wrote about the National Book Awards renigging on the decision of allowing writer Lauren Myracle to stay as a nominee. Well the writer has spoken to Vanity Fair about what went down and how she felt about it. She explains that when director Harold Augenbraum called, “He was diplomatic but he more or less said that the position was being changed and that people wanted Shine off the list.”

What ‘people’?

Ms. Myracle goes on to say she felt ‘gutted’, ’embarrassed’ and ‘ashamed’. Instead of bowing out like I would have, kicking and screaming she took the high road and did it in a graceful manner and withdrew herself from the competition. Well at least her book sales will increase after this whole mix up. It actually makes me want to go and buy the book now.

Peace and luv!


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