First Lady Writes

I love the First Lady Michelle Obama. a person cannot get mad at her for how she has worked to instill in kids that eating healthy and exercising is important, well Sarah Palin did get mad but who has she not gotten mad at

Michelle Obama, official White House portrait.

Image via Wikipedia

? Enough about that crazy lady tho, lets talk about what the First Lady is getting into.

It is only fitting that the First Lady is coming out with a book. The book will be called American Grown: How The White House Kitchen Garden Inspires Families, Schools, and Communities and will be released in April 2012.

Michelle Obama states that this book will, “…be inspirational and instructive and will provide ideas and resources for readers to get involved in the movement to create community, school and urban gardens, support local farmers’ markets and make small lifestyle changes to achieve big health results.”

Such a good look for her and America’s children. With the way obesity and diabetes are plaguing our youth someone needs to lead our children and set an example ya feel me?

The sales from this book will be given to charities she chooses. Will you buy it?

Peace and luv!


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