National Novel Writing Month

Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

What the hell is that, you ask?

It stands for National Novel Writing Month. Each year NaNoWriMo hosts a ‘write a novel in 30 days’ project.

Yes it’s possible especially if you plan your ish out right. I’m debating on it but I’m so involved with my thriller novel I don’t think I will. But if you would like to do it here’s the deal; you have to write a 50,000 or more word original story starting Nov. 1st and complete it on Nov. 30th.

When you sign up they will locate people in your area that you can connect with (by choice) during the process in person or online, each day you post the amount of words you’ve completed for the day and people can watch your progress. You know this is nice for procrastinators; it will teach discipline cause if you can get thru this you can tackle all of your writing obstacles. Good luck!

Peace and luv!


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