Bookshot Critics

Writers have you perfected your pitch for that manuscript?

Why do I need a pitch?

Ok say you’re in an elevator and in comes…oh lets say Tananarive Due your favorite writer. She’s feeling charitable and wants to hear what your book is about, you have ten seconds before the elevator stops on her floor. How can you sum up your novel in 1-2 sentences that will make Ms. Due want to give your manuscript to her editor? Yeah, don’t feel so confident now do you? Don’t think that creating a pitch is unimportant because you never know when the door of opportunity will open long enough for you to walk through. Always stay prepared.

Anywho, Matt Staggs has created a free book pitching service called Bookshot Critics. Writers submit their pitch to anonymous reviewers if they like they will get in contact with the writer and ask for the whole project to review. Mr. Staggs says there are no guarantees that a writer will become successful; that will be up to the writer and how they present themselves. But it is safe to call Matt Staggs the door of opportunity. Now my question to you is will you walk into that open

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door or will you just sit there expecting something to fall in your lap?

Peace and luv!


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