Damn that was quick. An expensive mistake has already surfaced from the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Apparently they did not feel the need to let their authors know that they can and will lower the price of an author’s novel if they discover a lower price elsewhere.


I bet you all the money in my pocket author James Crawford said the same thing. He is one of the many who is taking advantage of the new publishing venture. Only problem is one day he woke up and realized there was a significant jump in downloads for his novel. When he checked up on it he realized Amazon had given 5104 books free to their customers!

Are they allowed to do that without the author’s permission?

Yes…I mean no…I mean only if they find the same novel being sold elsewhere for a cheaper price. However in this particular situation they found a novel similar not exactly like Mr. Crawford’s book. The good news is Amazon fixed their mistake, the bad news is they won’t compensate him for the over 5,000 downloads they gave away for free over night.

Damn that’s messed up. Do you think this was a good way of handling it or do you feel like me where

Amazon Kindle

Image by Mathieu Thouvenin via Flickr

he should have been compensated financially? I mean we are talking about over 5,000 books and it was Amazon’s fault not the author’s. Can you say ‘grimy’?

Peace and luv!



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