Brunt Of Their Jokes?

We are all aware of Borders calling it quits earlier this year. We also know how Barnes & Noble came in and took over Borders’ online store and all of their social media accounts as if Borders never existed. It left a lot of customers wondering what happened and why wasn’t they informed.

Now what?

In and around New York City campaigns, bulletins, etc have advertised a new book called Users Not Customers. It’s written by the CEO of the digital agency HUGE Aaron Shapiro. The basis of the book is telling organizations that they need ‘to adapt their businesses before it’s too late’. It’s hard for people to start a business and keep it afloat. The more competition the higher the chance of failing. One has to have an ear to the streets. I don’t believe in psychics so there is really no real way to look into the future to see what will be hot and what will not although you do have to possess a knack for having an idea of what will pop. Don’t get it twisted it’s not about changing what the company represent or it’s goals it is about improving the services and products you offer to make a bigger profit and gain more customers. Mr. Shapiro said if Borders would have transitioned their business they would still be a competitor in the book world.

I agree.

But what tripped me out about this situation is that Mr. Shapiro hired ex-Borders’ employees to promote the book! Literally these employees are walking the streets in their Borders uniform! Ain’t that some shit. I’m surprised they were able to keep their uniforms.

Large billboards in Times Square has popped up with the saying, ‘Now On Sale At Borders

Cute I guess. I’m always down for some sarcastic play; that is what I do and is good at doing.

That’s kind of embarrassing though if you look at it. Yes they are getting paid cause it is truly hard out here for a pimp but I’m not so sure I could walk around New York marketing a book about my last job. I mean is he going to offer them a permanent position after the hype surrounding this book is over?

Onto another point he made. Amazon yes is a powerful force to be recon with but as I asked before does Amazon have what it takes to be ‘that’ publishing house? They are known for selling books not necessarily building an author’s career from inception to fruition you understand? For now I don’t think traditional publishers have too much to worry about

Image representing HUGE as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase


But would you walk around pushing a cart of books that basiclly is making fun of you not having a job?

Peace and luv!


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